About Sammy

I'm a pin-maker and collector based in Sydney, Australia. I love, love, love all sorts of shinies, and have been designed and creating my own since September 2020. My shinies contain designs by a variety of artists I've commissioned commercially, or my own doodles. Please follow me on Instagram @shiniesbysammy for design drops, shop updates, and more!


My favourite things include various anime and manga series, literature (especially Shakespeare), music, and many, many more!



I have a Patreon, where I'm releasing my Zaddies by Sammy series - please check it out!


My Pinning Philosophy

First and foremost, I’m a fangirl who loves pins and shinies and fannish things! I make pins because I love them, and because I want to share that love with you - none of this has changed!

As a fangirl and pin-lover, it’s super important to me that you are happy with my shinies. I work with a range of fantastic artists to pin characters and series I love - I hope my shinies can bring you much joy!

Thank you so much for reading this, for supporting me, and for helping me create wonderful pins!