Enamel pins are hand-made works of art, which means each piece is unique. This also means it’s almost impossible to have a ‘perfect’ pin - but that doesn’t make the pins any less beautiful!

Every pin-maker has their own grading guide - here’s mine:

A+ Grades/Collectors

  • Virtually flawless, or with teeny tiny flaws that are very hard to see


A Grades/Standards

  • No visible imperfections at arm’s length
  • No facial flaws

May contain: 

  • Small scratches
  • Small bubbles
  • Slight printing misalignments
  • Slight enamel underfill
  • Slight enamel overfill
  • Small specks of dust or stray glitter


B+ Grades/Standards

  • No facial flaws
  • May contain other flaws from B grades, as below


B Grades/Seconds

  • Minor imperfections may be visible at arm’s length 
  • Minor imperfections on faces
  • May have more than two minor imperfections
  • May have more noticeable imperfections visible at arm’s length


C Grades

  • Major imperfections on faces
  • Missing enamel
  • Misaligned printing
  • Deep scratches and/or dents
  • Other major flaws